Binance CEO “CZ” Rejects 1.2% Tax Burn Support For Terra Classic (LUNC) latest News

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Binance CEO “CZ” said in an AMA on Friday that the crypto exchange will not apply a 1.2% tax burn for off-chain transactions of Terra Classic (LUNC) and USTC. As a result, the price of Terra Classic (LUNC) fell by almost 10% in an hour to $0.00024 as Binance holds about 35% of the LUNC supply. While the CEO of Binance believes that trading on Binance will be affected by the tax burn on off-chain, the community pushes the crypto exchange to support it.

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Binance Closes Off 1.2% Tax Burn for Terra Classic LUNC

Binance CEO in “CZ” A M A said on 23 September that Binance would support the Terra Classic community, but the imposition of a 1.2% tax burn on off-chain transactions would affect trading on the crypto exchange.

In addition, Binance has implemented a 1.2% tax burn on deposits and withdrawals. However, tax burn will not be applied for on-chain transactions including spot and margin trading as well as Binance Earn services.

“I think blockchain should implement Burnt first, but I didn’t promise to say that Binance will do it later. I can see where it’s coming from.”

He believes that a 1.2% tax burn would render the use cases on the blockchain meaningless. If more transaction fee is charged then people will stop doing business, Making blockchain less useful. The community wants a tax burn for Terra Classic (LUNC) on off-chain transactions. However, the implications of implementing this might not be feasible.

Binance CEO “CZ” shared another option to implement a 1.2% trading fee for burns in a tweet. He envisions the convenience of allowing users to opt-in for a 1.2% trading fee and vote with the fee.

“Another option is to implement a feature that lets users opt-in to burn themselves for a 1.2% trading fee. And see how many voting communities do that first. Vote with your fees.”

effect of denial

When Binance CEO “CZ” refused to support a 1.2% tax burn for off-chain transactions, the price of Terra Classic (LUNC) fell by almost 10% in an hour. LUNC price is currently trading at $0.00025, which is down about 11% over the past 24 hours.

LUNC trading volume also declined with 24-hour lows and highs of $0.00024 and $0.00028 respectively.

Meanwhile, the community looks to sell Lunch Or transfer everything from Binance to Terra Station, where a 1.2% burn tax is supported.

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Binance CEO CZ Rejects 12 Tax Burn Support For Terra CryptomarketBagBinance CEO CZ Rejects 12 Tax Burn Support For Terra CryptomarketBag

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