Crypto Braces For Another Crash As Fed Diminishes “Soft-landing” latest News

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The Federal Reserve continues its tough stance on curbing inflation. The consumer price index for August showed worse-than-expected inflation. The Fed reaffirmed its commitment to curb price inflation by moving forward with a massive 75 bps hike. More importantly, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell seemed to shy away from his earlier comments about the soft landing.

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The crypto community is gearing up for another crash as the prices are now falling along the bottom. Ethereum fell below the $1.3K mark, while Bitcoin is swinging in the $18K – $19K range. Most of the altcoins have been trading in the red for the past 7 days.

Is a soft landing possible?

The Fed followed with another 75 bps hike. More importantly, the Fed is unlikely to pivot any time soon. Even bullish market participants like Marko Kolanovic expect a 100 bps mega hike before the end of the year.

The Fed wants to bring inflation down to below 2%. Even the Fed’s prediction shows that it will take until 2025 to reach this target. Leading macroeconomics expert, @MacroAlf, reported on Twitter that the world’s five largest economies are facing the sharpest slowdown in credit creation. He does not consider the possibility of a soft landing at all.

Lisa Abramowicz of Bloomberg TV reported that Fed Chair Powell Moving away from its prediction of a soft landing. Powell believes that stable prices are the fundamentals of a functioning economy. Head of Trading at Hindsight Mutual reveals that this is the worst FOMC of all. He explains that he questions the whole idea of ​​soft landing.

is recession possible

The prospect of a recession increases day by day as the Fed continues its aggressive stance. The World Bank has already issued a recession warning as soon as next year. The US has already had negative growth for two consecutive quarters. Experts believe that there is a high probability that the third negative growth quarter will emerge.

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Crypto Braces For Another Crash As Fed Diminishes Soft landing latest CryptomarketBagCrypto Braces For Another Crash As Fed Diminishes Soft landing latest CryptomarketBag

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