Mortgage tech news roundup: Sept. 23

The upgraded version of AuditGenius leverages the company’s “Genius” tech stack – an interconnected and proprietary blend of technology – to help AuditGenius users to meet exceedingly stringent quality control requirements. At the same time, the technology is designed to reduce the need for excessive manual reviews and re-reviews.

“In the current mortgage market, lenders want to increase quality control without increasing the number of resources,” Rachael Harris, SVP of product management, said in prepared remarks. “By incorporating this foundational technology into AuditGenius, the idea is to enable meticulous, in-depth, pre-fund loan audits at scale, proactively capturing defects in the data and documents that may otherwise result in repurchase risk.”


Staircase launched a new tool designed to help private mortgage insurers instantly automate the underwriting of non-delegated mortgage industry policies for lenders, at what it claims will be half the typical cost.

Dubbed MI Underwriting, the tool fully automates the…

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