SHIB Holder Amount Grows in September by 100,000, Different from What It Used to Be cryptomarketbag

Gamza Khanzadev

Shiba Inu holder amount rises by 100,000 with new all-time high set in September

According to crypti Portal, the number of holders of Shiba Inu (SHIB) during the last month has grown at a rate different from the rate observed during the previous months. At the same time, the sharpest increase was recorded in the last two weeks starting from September 10.

Thus, if in the last three months, the number of wallets holding SHIB increased by 190,000, then in just the last two weeks of September, their number has already increased by 80,000. Coming to the charts provided at the source, the growth rate of SHIB holders has increased by almost one and a half times during the last two weeks of September.

It is possible that the increase in the number of SHIB holders, which rarely occurs in an uptrend and sets records day by day, is due to the latest news about the sport SHIB Eternity, which is gaining popularity in Asia. Is.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Action in September

As far as the price of the SHIB is concerned, things are not so bright here. In September, the cryptocurrency lost 23% of its highs of $0,000014 and is now trading at $000001, risking another zero in the price.

Unless the price level of $0,000,0095 is broken, there is a chance that SHIB quotes will remain on the surface and win back some downside. Still, buying a Shiba Inu in the current situation does not seem appropriate. Probably the best solution would be to wait and monitor the reaction to the critical support level mentioned above.

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