SupraOracles Releases Roadmap to Mainnet While Starting Over 550 Signed Web 3.0 Project Integrations cryptomarketbag Blockchain update

September 22, 2022 – Zug, Switzerland

September 22, 2022 – Zug, Switzerland

Unveiling many technological breakthroughs, supraoracles is excited to announce its new cross-chain oracle infrastructure, which enables highly accurate, robust data porting across multiple blockchains and DLTs with only three- to five-second finality.

Now, with over 550 signed integration partners, they are officially announcing the launch of their alpha testnet as they move to the mainnet in early 2023.

To accelerate the pace, Supra has partnered with BNB Grants and DoorHacks, host of the BNB Global Hackathon, by sponsoring and providing its Oracle service to over 4,000 to 5,000 developers worldwide. Developers wishing to add this new institutional-grade Oracle to their Web 3.0 toolkit are invited to apply to the Supra Network Activate Program. Here,

Oracles play an important role in Web 3.0 projects. Developers need oracles to securely connect their decentralized applications (dApps) with timely, accurate data generated from other blockchains or from real-world sources. It opens up a world of use cases , Such as real-world assets, options markets, multi-lateral clearing and foreign derivatives backed by settlement in public blockchain and DLT networks. , which are otherwise not possible with the current oracles of today.

Supra’s PhD-driven research team, led by the renowned Dr Aniket Kate, has prioritized a number of novel principles in their design that brings a new gold standard to how Oracles should perform. Most important is the security of Core Data, decentralization and consensus of nodes, auditability of data sources, and cost-efficient, predictable budgeting for consumers.

Along with these innovations, Supra has gained recognition from Web 3.0 incubators such as Mastercard’s Start Path program, Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play, which most recently placed Supra amongst themselves. Top 10 Upcoming Web 3.0 Projects,

Supra is getting closer to the launch of its incentive testnet in Q4, with a roadmap that includes activities for developers to start their testing.

  • 2022 – Iearly october , Launch Data Dashboard and Documentation for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Aptos Testnet Chains
  • 2022 – Tookate october , Supra’s VRF Service Documentation
  • 2022 , november , Node Operator Onboarding Launch
  • 2022 , december , Incentive Testnet Live and Whitepaper Unveiled
  • 2023 , Early Q2 , mainnet goes live

Node operators interested in learning about Supra’s block rewards and incentive programs are invited to join discord community to know more.

SupraOracles CEO Joshua Tobkin said,

“We have created oracles that will undoubtedly exceed the typical expectations of cross-chain solutions, and we are proud to bring a world-class product to the industry to help blockchain do even more incredible things.”

SupraOracles. about

supraoracles There is a supercharging oracle for a better decentralized future. Blockchain needs better, faster, accurate and more secure off-chain data. SupraOracles provides a next generation cross-chain oracle solution so that smart contracts and blockchain apps work optimally.

After more than five years of research and thousands of hours of R&D and simulation, SupraOracle’s revolutionary technological breakthrough helps solve the Oracle dilemma while improving performance across the board. The team’s academic mindset forms the basis of the organization and reinforces their commitment to in-depth research and a rigorous scientific process into everything they design and build.


Christopher Seeley, Supraoracles

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