Learn about Ripple (XRP) in Hindi. Ripple (XRP): A Beginner's Guide to the Digital Asset

The human mind cannot read many numbers at once. And when it comes to a lot of money in international transactions, then there are more problems in it.

To overcome this and to make international transactions quick and secure, Luna coins are used.

At present, there are more than 70 banks, which are using Ripple's software in their bank to fix many problems.

Because of Ripple (XRP) we can do live transactions in any bank. This will save our time and will also help the banks.

This is the best way to do transactions in speed because there is no other bank in the middle, which gives you the payment after a few days.

Whenever we do international transactions, banks charge a fee, but you do not need to pay any charge or you will have to pay very little charge as compared to banks.

We can consider them like a digital asset because it has many uses and its edge is increasing day by day.

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