If you are doing crypto mining or playing games, in both cases your computer's GPU is used a lot, then can it be damaged due to this.

Here you will get to know 4 main reasons due to which GPU's damage can occur and you will also know how to avoid them.

Light supply wire problem Very often it happens that a faulty wire gets connected from where the supply is going and then due to irregular supply, damage comes to the GPU.

Overdraw - When we connect devices with more than the capacity of the wire, then due to this also damages happen. And it is more during the time of capto mining.

Due to being after the fan, even the GPU gets damaged because it does not have proper cooling, due to which it gets damaged by heating.

Keeping the device on for a long time also damages the device because these devices get hot due to being on for a long time and then they get damaged quickly.

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