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Amid growing demands for regulatory clarity regarding digital assets, the US SEC recently filed its motion for summary judgment in the XRP lawsuit. The event has fueled the Ripple community’s hopes of seeing a resolution on the nature of XRP soon.

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XRP lawsuit to bring regulatory clarity?

It is expected that the outcome of the XRP lawsuit will eventually provide clarity on digital assets as well. However, the lawyers for John Deaton, Amicus Curie or XRP holders in the case do not think so.

According to Deaton, people are making a big mistake in thinking that If Ripple Summary Wins In short it will help and will be applicable to other cryptos going forward. He expects the SEC not to respect the court’s ruling in the XRP lawsuit. However, the commission will continue its war on crypto.

He said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler would appeal the judge’s decision. It would argue that the judge was wrong. While he is expected to win on appeal. Meanwhile, the decision will only apply to XRP and not to other digital assets.

However, if the court declared XRP a non-security along with Bitcoin (BTC). Then it will become the only crypto token with clear rules.

Will the SEC Go After Bitcoin?

Meanwhile, Gensler claims that Ethereum transactions are subject to US jurisdiction and that its historic merger with PoS may have triggered securities laws. Deaton mentioned that Jay Clayton inadvertently provided the gift of clarity to Ripple and XRP.

Earlier, Coingape reported that the SEC is starting an argument that global XRP sales may fall under its jurisdiction.

The amicus curiae in the XRP lawsuit suggested that the SEC’s official position on bitcoin is that they have not made a determination on it. However, he clarified that he does not indicate that the commission will go after BTC. It’s hard to believe that the SEC doesn’t hold a position on the world’s largest crypto asset.

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What If SEC Lose Summary Judgment latest News CryptomarketBagWhat If SEC Lose Summary Judgment latest News CryptomarketBag

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