Cryptocurrency And Decentralization in simple word and there 4 positive effects

As we know the  Cryptocurrency become more popular nowadays but some of us even don’t know about the cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrency market. This market becomes more popular nowadays because of Decentralization. the popularity of this market is booming and due to this there is a lot of millionaires produced but if you are not aware of this market then you are losing the trend. In this particular post, we are going to tell you all about cryptocurrencies and this market. so let’s talk about Cryptocurrencies And Decentralization.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that means you can’t carry any physical form of cryptocurrency. As the name says this is a currency so the clear definition of Cryptocurrency is that cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is based on cryptography technology and  Decentralization so we can define this as a virtual and non-traceable digital currency.

What is Decentralization?

Decentralization is a common word that is used for those things that are non-controllable. so we can define decentralization as a control of the transaction that is not dependent on some people or organization.

decentralization is a term that is used for those things that are not controlled by a single person or organization although the government is also unable to control this in the Cryptocurrencies market.

what is the usage of cryptocurrencies?

as we know the cryptocurrencies become more popular because of the importance and usage of cryptocurrencies. some important usage of cryptocurrencies is as follows.

Save the transaction charge

We all know the price of cryptocurrencies is almost equal in every country and we can access this in any country so we can sell our cryptocurrencies in any currency so this makes them easy to convert currency.


this is the most important thing of Cryptocurrency due to this the Cryptocurrency becomes non-traceable currencies.

New technology

Cryptocurrencies is based on blockchain technology and we know this is new technology so according to the market it is also necessary to change the currency technology and the Cryptocurrency is based on the new technology so this is a technological advancement in the currency sector.

New Project of Cryptocurrency

this term may be weird for some people because they don’t know the behind project of any crypto. but just for your information, I will tell you that most cryptocurrencies have a project and according to this project the crypto market can be can learn more about new project you can read the white paper of that particular cryptocurrency. white paper is listed on coinmarketcap.

Some Important Term in Cryptocurrency

Crypto Market is increasing day by day so general information is necessary for everyone although you don’t have any crypto investment still it is necessary for everyone that they have some knowledge about the basic crypto terms. Here I’m going to tell you about the basic crypto terms that are mostly used crypto terms.

Crypto Regulation

Different countries have different regulations and laws for their currencies but crypto doesn’t belong from specific countries so the crypto doesn’t follow any international laws. many countries regulate their currency but crypto is an unregulated market and even when regulations exist they can vary by jurisdiction.

Crypto Supply

If you have any type of crypto experience then you know that most of the cryptocurrencies have limited stocks but in a real-world unlimited supply of particular currencies so at the time of financial crises central and government banks are free to print the unlimited currencies and due to this the Inflation can be increased in real-world and the value of money decrease. and in the other hand, the crypto has just the opposite concept at a specific time particular amount of cryptocurrencies will burn so supply will decrease, and as commerce say if supply will decrease then price will increase so the value of crypto will increase day by day.

Crypto transaction cost

In real-world, the Transaction cost of any type of currency vary from country to country but in the virtual world like cryptocurrencies have the fixed transaction cost worldwide although the transaction cost is not centralized because there are so many mining devices available in the world and they charge the same currency which one we want to transfer. and transaction cost is also low than other ways of money transfer and this is the main purpose of crypto starting.


security of physical money in hands of government and related banks but in the crypto market all currencies are decentralized so if anyone wants to hack it they are required to hack lots of computers at a time and this is an impossible scenario so no one can hack it directly. But we all know that we are living in the world of the internet and everything has loopholes but still no one gets any loophole in blockchain technology so I think the security level of blockchain is the next level.


In this post, we are talking about the crypto world and it’s importance, and other common factor used in the crypto market but there are lots of information available on this website so you can check it to gain knowledge related to crypto market. This post is all about the basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and decentralization so you can understand the basics of crypto market using this post.

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